Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm not dead, yet!

I am not dead though some may wish I were and some days I feel like I am.

Wow, seven months since I wrote on this thing. So much has happened in the last seven months it could fill a book. There is always the good, the bad and the ugly. I am just glad at the end of the trail the good far outweighs the bad and ugly.

In the Phoenix Video Production community has had to fight off some pretty nasty beasts since last we spoke. (They know who they are, no need to name names). Now, with the nasty beasts left wallowing in their own misery we have marched on to a far bigger and better film production company. has really set the Phoenix video production field astir the last few months. With the help of some very dear friend we have completely converted and old ice plant in Mesa, AZ in to the largest sound stage and post production complex in the state.

We have stayed more than just a little busy with shoots, rentals and post production projects.
We are trying to now complete the largest post audio for film and video in Arizona and it will be soon.

We have added tons of new gear, now making us one of the largest rental houses around.

All this from a company that didn't exist two years ago. People are amazing. They see a fantastic thing and can't wait to be apart of it. Some fear it and cower, they will be crushed.

Dream big, have fun, make movies!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have not been around for a while. I have been lazy and busy, sorry.

Last week we completed a thirty day project for Freelife. The project was a lot of fun with a chance to do lots of nice table top and green screen. The client reports the release was a huge success. The clients happiness really is the greatest reward. has been very fortunate do work on many MLM (Network Marketing Videos) the last few years. These companies always demand the highest quality and have the budget to get it done.

Lizette and I also went to LA last week to purchase a few new items and have a couple of HMI lights repaired. It is very nice to be so close to LA and all the vendors.

Lizardland will be participating in Networking Phoenix's Spring signature event. We are all very excited about this opportunity. We look forward to seeing many old friends here and meeting many new ones.

Lastly will be relocating our offices and studios in the coming weeks. Our new facilities will be larger and more client friendly. I will keep you all posted when we have a confirmed address.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Grips Versus Carnies (The Body Count)

Now, as we all know on the field of battle brave warriors must fall. In the battle of V Carnies there were many fearless combatants who gave all for the glory of victory.

Once a Phoenix video production crew establishes a beach head they are hard to dislodge without a fierce counter attack. Lizaarland was firmly entrenched on enemy (carnie) territory when the first reports of casualties were reported to HQ.

It was noted early in this campaign that a particularly devious carnie was sniping at the lead force of grips. It was further noted in dispatches from the front that this carnie was a female. Although, I must admit from the dossier I received this is still undecided.

Her form of attack was to divert the grips attention by constantly circling their encampment and offering compliments to the boys. Now, you should know that this attack is very effective as grips seldom receive any female attention.

Just when it appeared all would be lost the fe-carnie mounted a zipper (no, not a grips, a carnival ride). This was a huge error in judgement as this sniper was soon lost to the dreaded Zipper Seizure. Soon an ambulance was called and the first casualty was carted away to the nearest hospital.

Even though this was a clear victory for the grips their spirits were crushed with the sudden loss of attention. Being the brave warrior, the Lizardland grips forged on and established a solid field of battle at the carnies strongest defense. The Zero Gravity Ride!

Oh, I must now report severe casualty from the grips. As two of the bravest soldiers (grips) ever to strap on a tool belt attacked this fearsome machine head on as others wailed in horror and sorrow. The final total from this failed assault: Two grips with serious tummy aches.

The loss of such men is hard to stomach but the film team fell back re-formed thier attack with renewed vigor and finally the carnies began to fail.

Slowly, one by one, the carnies silenced there massive machines of death, furled their flags, stilled their generator and retreated to the carnie rear.

Almost as soon as the battle began on that parking lot it was over and the Phoenix video production community stood alone on the field of battle, victorious once more. The flag was hoisted and not a dry eye could be seen.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Once Every 43 Years!

I know I said I would be continuing my story of versus the carnies and other tales from the Phoenix video production community. However, I have taken today off to celebrate the once in a lifetime appearance of my beloved Saints in the Superbowl.

Saints win! Saints win! Saints win!

les bon temps rouler' !!!!!!!!

I will continue the story from the battle front tomorrow.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Now the story continues with the tale of how one Phoenix video production team stared in the face of the menacing carnies and all the carnage that followed.

When the crack team from showed up at the carnival in Mesa AZ two days ago they all had their game faces on and were prepared for the battle to ensue.

To make a strong showing and to provide maximum shock and awe to the dreaded carnie, all crew members arrived in force. We stormed the beach, um well parking lot, with grip trucks, generators and crew vehicles in mass. The carnies at first were a bit stunned and reeled under the initial attack but being the more seasoned warriors they quickly recovered and met us enforce before we could cross enemy territory.

Being the gentleman warriors and men of chivalry the generals of the opposing factions began the hostilities with a handshake and then the battle began. Grips began unloading lights and cables and approaching the lines of battle as the carnies gathered their forces and prepared a defense.

As the electrician for prepared to lay the powerline the first counter attack was well underway by the carnies. Never before had a Phoenix video production seen such a shrewd defense. The two electrician stood toe to toe at the intersection of the carnies power cable and the film crews power cable as the carnie's electrician announced "there was no way the film genie power cable would cross the carnie's genie power cable".

This was a most unexpected development. Such resistance was not expected! After a brief skirmish the grip used his superior intellect and resources and quickly erected a pontoon bridge of apple boxes and successfully spanned the carnie's power line.

The opening skirmish had taken place and the mighty grip had prevailed but the battle was far from over

Stay tuned for more tales from the Phoenix video production battle front tomorrow.....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Grips Versus Carnies

OK, so something I have always wondered about was an actual observable experiment last night.

I have always thought film crews were not much different than carnies or circus folk. I mean, think about it. Trucks roll up a bunch of unsavory looking characters bailout out, throw up some less than stable looking (very temporary) rigs, a lot of shouting ensues and then everything comes down and goes back in the trucks. Then the next morning. when the good locals arise, everything is gone except for the trash and smell of the celebration., a Phoenix video production company had the rare pleasure of shooting a video at carnival in Mesa, AZ last night. There were many amazing shots gathered and many interesting moments observed as the much anticipated clash of the carnie and the grip finally occurred.

Stay stunned for more stories tomorrow.................

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Education a Phoenix, AZ video production company is beginning a series of education videos designed to educate young film makers about all aspects of the video business. Joe Rawlins will be directing this series and Lizardland plans to make it available free of charge through it's website.

In the past two months Lizardland has wrapped up a number of exciting jobs utilizing almost all of their extensive inventory of HD video equipment. These jobs include a music video and several spots featuring motorcycles and stockcars. Be sure and visit our Vimeo page for updates or visit a Phoenix video production company for samples and a complete equipment list.